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Jamncream Website Hosting is competitively priced Australian hosting for small to medium sized business.
It was set up mainly to cater for Redback Graphics clients who needed a hosting package.
Plans are hosted from servers in the NextDC S1 data centre in Sydney, and E3 Data Centre in Melbourne, Australia, by an excellent team of professionals that provide a professional, reliable service. Redback Graphics and many of its clients are hosted through the same servers.

In order to have a web presence, you need 3 things:

  • Domain Name ( from $17.95/yr
  • Website Design (the web pages) from $550
  • Website Hosting (server to physically host the website pages) from $160/yr

Domain Name

$17.95 for 1 year registration (if available)
See Domain Name for more details.

Website Design

See Website Design for more details.

Website Hosting

Choose from 4 packages, JamncreamLite for a typical 1-20 page, low traffic “web presence” website, Jamncream, Jamncreamier or Jamncreamiest for the higher volume traffic, more web space and more Emails etc.
See Web Hosting for plan details.