Road Rage

A little off topic, but an interesting event today. I will gladly let another motorist in to a queue of traffic if they seem to have been genuinely caught out, perhaps even a little absent minded and maybe not paying attention, or are trying to enter a line of traffic from a side street etc, or if they have a nice car. Happy to.
But if a motorist, who can see from the intersection before, that their lane ends very soon, and even though they were the LAST car to arrive at that location, and there are no cars behind the last car in the moving lane, decides to dive down the closing left lane in order to jump 1, 2 or 6 cars, and then try and push into the moving lane… I not only have no time for them, yes I will block them at every opportunity. It makes no difference if they are blonde, and we all know I love Minis, but rude people… should not expect any favours.

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